All New 2.17.148 Beta Version Of WhatsApp Is Available With More Appealing Features

Whatsapp Beta Version
Whatsapp Beta Version

It seems that developers team of WhatsApp is working round the clock to make the messaging App more interesting and appealing to its users. Over the last couple months, we have seen many changes in the messaging App, many new features they have added like Snapchat story feature they have added and then they brought back the old status feature all for the user’s satisfaction.

Now WhatsApp has released its new version of their Beta App which brings some new shortcuts to format your text within the messaging service and user can also change the fonts without having to remember any sort of code. This feature will enable users to format the text which they want to send to their contacts. A user can easily bold, italicise, and can underline the text without a much effort.

All you need to do is that just long press the word which you want to format and a new menu would pop up with options to format the text. The formatting format would include italics, bold, monospace etc. WhasApp developers team has made it much easier to format the text for its users.

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Just long press the word which you want to format and a new menu would pop up with options to format the text

The feature which WhatsApp has released, you must have experienced in other social media websites also. Basically what you have to do is that you need to put an asterisk on each side of the word, like *john* then that word would be bolded in WhatsApp. It is quite simple and if you have already used it in some other social websites then this would be a no problem for you I guess.

All these shortcuts are available in the beta version only, it’s a part of 2.17.148 so, if you want to experience the all new features of WhatsApp then you need to update the existing version of WhatsApp to 2.17.148

Well, for people who are not WhatsApp friendly and for those who are still unaware of WhatsApp, I am sure there are no such people but there are then wake up guys and take advantage of WhatsApp and make your life more happening and easy. Because WhatsApp is the only App which is available in every country. In countries like China, Russia, and Turkey it is owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp Messaging App
WhatsApp Messaging App

WhatsApp not only lets you message your friends and family but it also enables you to make video calls that too for free (provided you must have an active internet access). If you are travelling then this would be a great option for you to be in contact with your family and friends. WhatsApp is completely free and enjoyable messaging App to stay connected all the time with amazing features like messaging and video calling photo sharing etc. This App is available for all Android and iOS phones.

So guys, update your phone and make 100%of its new features and stay connected with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates and entertaining news.


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