Google Translate’s Offline Feature Will Translate Street Signs For You

Users can now experience offline google translation mode in seven new Indian languages
Users can now experience offline google translation mode in seven new Indian languages

Internet beast Google is bringing its Offline translation feature in its Translation App. As India is a multi-lingual country and a number of languages being spoken in the country so, taking that in mind Google has come up with its all new feature of Offline translation.

Offline translation feature would allow users to translate seven more languages such as Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, and Bengali in their preferred languages offline. To break the language barrier between the people of India, this innovation by Google will definitely play its role.

Offline Translation allows users to translate a sentence or a word on Google Translation App without connecting to the internet, which means it is not mandatory for a user to have an active internet connection in order to use this application by Google.

The Google told media in a statement given to new agency PTI said that “In an effort to bring down language barriers, Google today announced several updates to its Translation App. Google Translate has also added support for conversation mode in regional languages including Bengali and Tamil.”

Google Translating the street sign ‘STOP’ in Indian Kannada Language

If you are stuck somewhere and not able to read whats written on the sign board on the road side, do not worry as Google Translate will help you. Yes, if you have downloaded the Google Translation App in your phone then you can just simply open Google Translation App and then open the camera and scan the sign board and translate the text written on the sign board in your desired language.

This feature is called as the ‘Word Lens’ feature of Google Translation App and it is available in all the languages including the newly added seven languages. Initially, a user could only translate the English language text into other languages but with the new update, a user can easily translate a regional language text into the English language and the emphasizes is on road sign and menus.

This feature will not only be helpful for the tourists in India but for the Indian citizens as well. If you are already using this App then you just have to update your App and make its full use.

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