Good News For Smart Phone Users As Google Is Available Offline Too

Google Offline
Google Offline

Google has announced that the facility to search without the internet connection will be given to the smartphone user so that they can search for something even when there is no active internet connection on their phone. The company is giving this feature but with a twist that of course as we all know that the company cannot reverse the law of physics that it can allow users to use internet without the internet connection instead there is facility for users that they have to download the google application and it will not tell the offline users that google can’t complete the search rather it will queue the search query and will complete the search when there will an internet connection in the phone and the phone will be connected to the internet.

Mobile networks are very inconsistent sometimes as whenever a user search for something it does not show any result even if there is an active internet connection on the phone, the user doesn’t get any results, said Shekhar Sharad on the company’s blog. Search results will be saved as soon as they will be retrieved after this change, no matter if you lose the connection or go to airplane mode. So, next time if you will search for something do not stop if you lose connection just queue up all your queries and put your phone aside and feel free and rest the google app will do for you, whenever there will be an active connection to the internet you queries will be answered.

Of course, this is not any kind solution to the connection error problem that people are facing in India. It is just a slight improvement to make google search more convenient for their users. For now, this feature is available only in google search app for android only. To get this feature on their phones users have to update their google app from the play store. Google is one of the world’s biggest company is focusing on improving the offline feature. in it google app. earlier the company hoped to improve the offline capabilities of youTube by allowing its users to download the videos temporarily. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai said that this feature of offline video downloading was created specifically for the Indian users. And it proved it so useful and demanding that the company started it for other regions also.

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