Boeing Launches Its New Centre In India

boeing bengaluru
boeing bengaluru

American airplane giant, Boeing has announced that it will launch Boeing India Engineering and Technology Centre (BIETC) in Bengaluru. The center is set up in Bagamane Tech Park. The main focus of the center will be on technology-driven work which will support diverse projects spreading across Information Technology, Data Analytics, Engineering, Research & Technology. Data Analytics will be done for the development of next generation airplane health management tools, software tools and airports to improve their operations and reduce costs, development for more efficient next-gen manufacturing, systems, infrastructure, and analytics, as per released by the official release of the company.

boeing 747
Boeing 747

The company already operates an engineering facility Bengaluru on Old Madras Road. Boeing told that it had started scaling its engineering presence past 18 months in India and the old center was unable to support more growth. “We have taken a floor in the building and it is 42,000 sq ft. This is to support the scaling up plans. In the same building, we’ll take up another 42,000 sq ft by this year.” said a Boeing representative.

The center has a force of 300-350 engineers and the company is looking forward to increasing the number to approx.800 at the end of this year. The people who will be working in the center will be working as a part of the global team. “In India, we see a true path towards a mutual partnership for success, and the launch of BIETC is a major step in that direction. When we look for regions of competitiveness for the company around the world, we look at building cost, capability and market access advantages,” said Pratyush Kumar, President, Boeing India.

For many years, Boeing IT has been working in India with Tier-1 suppliers and the launch of the center was instrumental in the digital transformation of Boeing. In India, Boeing has been active for the past 75 years with the commercial plane and also its military aircraft and services businesses are also playing important role in the defense.

boeing 777
Boeing 777

The first century of Aerospace was defined by aerodynamics, but the second will be defined by chemists and mathematicians, as said by Hyslop. The new center will be supporting areas as diverse as the development of advanced environment-friendly coatings, data analytics for the health management tools in the next generation airplanes, to the software tools for airports and aircraft to improve operations and reduce costs.

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