Women Found Using Mobile Phone To Be Fined Rs. 21,000 In U.P

Ban on the use of phone outside the home in U.P

There is an introduction of the new moral policy in U.P. Any guesses?? What could be the rule?? Well, a village in Uttar Pradesh has declared a fine of whooping amount i.e. 21,000 for women who will be found using mobile handset outside their homes. The announcement is a part ‘reformative step’ to clean up the bad image of the village. Moreover, this has been also listed as a ”crime” in Madora village of Mathura as per their rules along with gambling, cow slaughter, and drinking, and gambling.

Moral Policy in Marona a village in U.P has declared a new rule, if any women found using mobile phone outside their home she would be fined
Moral Policy in Marona a village in U.P has declared a new rule, if any women found using mobile phone outside their home she would be fined

One of the officials said, “We are coming up with reformative steps to ‘clean’ the image of Madora village which is otherwise infamous for cheating people. So the local police or administration should not have any objection to the decisions of the panchayat.”

The village 30km away from Mathura a Muslim-majority village named Madora, the fines would vary from Rs. 11,000 to 2 lakh for different “misdemeanors.”  Gaffar Khan, a member of the panchayat explained almost every individual in the public were seemed to be extremely angry, the officer said, “Most of the women that we have here are uneducated. Why would they need a phone?” He further added,”We haven’t really banned women from using cellphones. But whatever is done, should be done according to our tradition.”

Arun Kumar, the senior police officer told that the people of Madora village have the mentality that sun limitations would restrict the interaction of girls with men as they believe reasons for girls affairs is the only use of mobile phones. He said, “Some of the villagers wanted to deal with some wrongdoings themselves so we allowed them to take steps to ensure there are no crimes.”

He further added, “We support their measures against illegal activities but if there is anything that is against the freedom of women, then we will look into it. Such orders are against the constitution and we will take action.” The police officer told it has been believed that it is the duty and responsibility of the self-proclaimed court to conserve the traditions and culture of the village. A few years ago women were asked to not to wear jeans or use phones in Muzaffarnagar village.

A women in a village captured while using mobile
Women in a village captured while using mobile

The head of the Panchayat, Gaffar Khan, “The girls found using mobile phones in public would be asked to deposit a penalty of R 2,1000.” he further added,“The girls in our village are not much educated. We fear they might be led to a ‘wrong path’ and so to prevent it, restrictions are being imposed on girls to not use mobile phones in public or while walking through the village lanes.”

Khan also told that somehow same penalty is also fixed for the people who indulge in drinking and gambling and the informer would be awarded. “The panchayat also acted tough on cow slaughter and offenders will have to pay Rs 2,50,000 while a reward of Rs 51,000 has been declared for those giving information about cow slaughter.”

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