Second Tallest Flag Inaugurated In Maharashtra

Second tallest flag inaugurated in Kholapur, Maharashtra
Second tallest flag inaugurated in Kholapur, Maharashtra

Another feather added to the glory of our nation on Monday, May 1, the second tallest flag pole inaugurated by Chandrakant Patil, state revenue minister, and district guardian minister at the Police Garden, situated fronting the headquarters of superintendent of police in the Kasaba Bawada area on the event of Maharashtra Day in Kolhapur, India Under the Kolhapur Street Beautification Project (KSBP), which will look after the maintenance of the garden.

Second tallest flag was inaugurated at police garden in Kholapur, Maharashtra by Chandrakant Patil
Second tallest flag was inaugurated at police garden in Kolhapur, Maharashtra by Chandrakant Patil

This ceremony was conducted to host varieties flowering plants from India and outside country. The flag pole has been built in the Police training academy garden which is 303 feet high. The pole is 60 metre wide and 90 metre tall and weight of the pole is 24 ton and almost 5400sq m of cloth was used to make a tricolor flag.

It is pertinent to note that the flag on Attari border (the Indo-Pak border) was inaugurated on March 6 which is a 360-feet flag and this flag is the tallest flag in the country. While speaking to reporters Patil said, “We all wanted this to happen, and now the flag is hoisted. As a local trust has installed the flag post and it is also developing the Police Garden, the burden of maintenance will not fall on the government.”

As matter of fact, the president of KSBP, Sujay Pitre said, “The flag is 90 feet long and 60 feet wide. We have purchased three sets, so the flag can be replaced immediately if damaged. The tapering flag pole is five feet wide at the base and 16 inches wide at the top. Six floodlights will illuminate the tricolor at night.” Pitre further added the estimated installation cost is Rs 1.1 crore which is raised by the trust through donations.

Attari wagah border in Amritsar
Attari wagah border in Amritsar

In one of the statements issued by the CM’s office it was stated that “Such a high flag can be seen from anywhere in the city and will inspire the people, instilling patriotism in them.”  In this event, National Award winner Akshay Kumar and senior cabinet ministers accompanied the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. In addition to this, MLAs, ministers, and Kolhapur’s Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil were also the part of the event.

The motive of beautification project is to inspire the young generation and also to learn about the Indian armed forces. A scene of independence struggle from 1857 to 1947 has been created inside the garden. We hope you find this post interesting, so visit again to our website for more and latest updates and yes don’t forget to like, comment, and share. Thanks for reading, you people inspire us to write more that we love to do, stay updated with, stay tuned, keep reading, keep motivating!!

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