Medical Council Of India: Doctors To Give Prescription In Legible Handwriting

Medical Council of India has warned doctors that prescription should be in legible hadwritting and doctors should prescribe generic medicines

Healthcare is the basic right of every individual in the country and making medical facilities available to each and everyone in the nation is what the Modi government is up to. For the poor people in the country, the Medical Council of India has ordered the doctors in all the hospitals in the country along with the state medical council to prescribe generic medicines to patients.

This action will ensure that the condition of the healthcare in India will improve. This decision of implementing new rules and ethics on all the Indian medical practitioners has come in action after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged at bringing a legal groundwork under which generic medicines should be given by the doctors and the healthcare system in India should have a broad reach so that drugs should be made available to each and every people in the nation.

The medical council of India has also ordered that doctors give the prescription in a legible handwriting, preferably in capital letters and there had to be a rational prescription on the use of drugs and if anybody fails to do that a strict disciplinary action would be taken against them. This action came to an existence after the amendment of the clause in the Indian Medical Council ( Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations 2002.

official notice
Official notice from the Medical Council Of India to implement the new rules

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Surat in order to inaugurate newly opened a multi-speciality hospital out there. In his speech during the inaugural function Modi said that doctors write the prescription in a way that poor people do not understand a word of their handwriting and they have ended up buying medicines from the private medical stores at a very high price. Not only poor people but also the normal people can not understand the prescription written by the doctors as it is hard to read and understand a doctor’s handwriting.

The medical council of India has also ordered that doctors give the prescription in a legible handwriting
The medical council of India has also ordered that doctors give the prescription in a legible handwriting

According to the Medical Council of India’s circular, issued to the Deans, Principals of Medical Colleges, Presidents of all State Medical Councils, Health Secretary of all states, the Director of Health Services of all states and Directorate of all the Hospitals, “All the Registered Medical Practitioners under the IMC Act are directed to comply with the aforesaid provisions of the Regulations without fail”.

Also, the circular includes that “For any found violating clauses 1.5 of Ethics Regulation, suitable disciplinary action would be undertaken by the concerned SMC/MCI”.

It is also being into consideration that the Modi government is also revising the National List of Essential Medicines of 2015 and they are thinking of adding up more medicines in it. The Jan Aushadhi Programme, under which the government is providing medicines at very reasonable prices at specifically to serve this purpose, such stores have been established.




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