IRCTC Rail Connect App Gets Much Needed Update

IRCTC New Updated Version
IRCTC New Updated Version

IRCTC app has given new and improved form to the old mobile app, changed the layout and added some new features to make it more useful for the people. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, popularly known as IRCTC, has come out with the new version of its train booking app. The name of the new app is called IRCTC Rail connect app and it replaces the older app which still shows up on the app store ( it switches the users to download the page of the new app).

IRCTC New Updated App
IRCTC New Updated App

The newly updated app of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation i.e IRCTC mainly highlights the simple interface and some mobile friendly features. It is free to top download on all the devices but is currently available on the Google Play Store. When you will first open this app, you will get the options such as Train Tickets, Book Meal and Air Tickets. Train Ticket is the main feature of this app.

If you download this app, the first time users need to log in, the app will ask the users to add the four digit pin number which can be used every time they log in again for using the app. The four digit number should be unique to that device and will only work with the one device at a time. Users can also reset the four digit password or other settings through App settings. This app also helps users by showing the user’s previous and current bookings, allows ticket cancellations and also provides the option to file the TDR i.e Ticket Deposit Receipt from the smartphones.

The app looks confusion free and is also free from the images. The main page shows the options for new bookings. Once the user adds their specific details like destination, date and for instance the app takes them through the regular booking processes but in a smarter and more user-friendly layout. You can also see by using this app that instead of opening the new pages for every option, it opens a sub-section within the same page allowing users to swipe through all the options in one go. For instance, users can also see the number of tickets or seats available for the next six days (in each class) in a horizontal scroll right under the train’s name.
When you open the app then you can see that the menu panel is hidden on the left side of the homepage and can be accessed by swiping left to the right on the homepage on the menu icon at the top of the screen. It will show the user’s previous and current bookings also allows the users to cancel their tickets and provides the option to file TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) from the smartphone. Earlier people have to visit the railway station for this. The feature was recently added to IRCTC website and is now available in the mobile app as well. Users can get cancellation amount refunded on their bank accounts directly.

If you still have this question on your mind then try to download it use the app and avail the benefits which the app is providing you. IRCTC Rail is an improved and much more user-friendly now. It loads faster, is easy to use and doesn’t bother users with the repetitive banner advertisements. For people with the patchy internet connections, the IRCTC Rail connect may be very useful.

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