Alibaba Group Investment Two Billion Rupees


A UCWeb, a part of Alibaba group on Thursday announced its plans to invest rupees two billion over the next two years in India and Indonesia market. The funds will be used to tap the huge potential of the user generated content in India via its new distribution and content platform, UC News.

Alibaba founder
Alibaba founder

Alibaba main target is to make the UC We- media Program a No. 1 platform for the content consumption, creation and for the services in the India and Indonesia. The company also plans to add more than 30,000 self-publishers, bloggers and key opinion leaders to the platform in 2017, for generating over 10,000 articles for UC News, every single day.
UC News is the major product of UCWeb Inc. is a big data powered content distributors, serving as a one-stop source of trending and curated the news content covering all popular categories that Indian users can consume on the go, with the feature channel including news, cricket, technology, entertainment, movies, lifestyle, health, humor, etc.
The program saw in its view page of English and Hindi We-Media content respectively that there is an increase of 184 percent and 348 percent (MoM), in November 2016.
“As India enters the age of increased content consumption through its mobile devices, there is a huge potential for the growth of user-generated content in India similar to what has happened in China. There are more than 600 mn mobile users and 20 million online content creators in China whereas India currently has 371 million mobile users with minuscule contribution from self-publishing outlining a huge demand-supply gap,” said President Overseas Business Alibaba, Jack Huang.
“In view of this changing mobile internet landscape, UCWeb has adopted a strategy of becoming a leading content distribution platform. As such, our flagship product UC Browser has also transformed itself from being the number one mobile browser in India according to StatCounter to a leading content distribution platform in India by integrating with news feeds from UC News,” added Jack Huang.
Before this month, UC News announced that a detailed monetary compensation plan in a bid to offer the unique content on UC News and further consolidate its position as a content distribution platform. The UC News will also help contributors to generate the traffic, to gain the revenue, and in increasing the followers with the help of Big Data technology and smart content distribution system.
GM Overseas Business Alibaba, Kenny Ye said that “with the growth in the consumption of Information feeds, non-conventional News Feeds – including the blog posts, independent write-ups, imagery feeds, video logs, short video content and more have become the huge hit. In the near future, we believe that more professionally trained content contributors will establish themselves as a “We-Media’, a collective term for those who turn themselves into an independent media brands”.
Kenny Ye also added that ” we also estimated that more and more digital content consumers will turn themselves into a prosumers” which means consumers who also contribute to the content production, and who will also contribute to the increase of digital content creators in India.

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