Ways To Make World A Better Place To Live In

A Better Place
A Better Place

We all live in this beautiful world but only our existence doesn’t make it better. Despite everything we achieve in our lives a lot of stuff is to be done in order to make this world a better place for our future generation. Perhaps, if all of us did our part, this world would have been a better place to live in. And you don’t have to do a whole lot either.

1. Adopt a stray instead of buying a pet: You like pets and you want to have one then before you head towards the pet shop stop and take a second thought about buying a pet because you can adopt a stray as well. This will not make you happy but make that happy too. Take that responsibility and save one life.

2. Respect is what we all need and deserve too, so give respect to everyone you meet: This is a very common and famous saying that what goes around comes around, and this actually happens in our lives. Later or sooner you get what you give. Respect is a basic and foremost thing which we should give freely and to everyone. Giving respect does not show other person’s character but it does show yours. So, the next time when your office boy forgets to add sugar in your tea does not shout at him or pull him down, just politely tell them what you need to tell them in a respective way.

3. Stop spreading wrong information about cyber: Making things better is your choice but spreading wrong information is not correct and especially among children, who are going to take things as the same way you are going to feed them. So, just say no to Cyber Hate. You must have better things to do in your life, Right?

4. Keep your environment clean and healthy: Keeping your environment healthy is a big concern and making an effort to do so is a big thing. The environment has a big effect on our lives and teaching our children the same is our duty so that even they should follow the same trend to keep our environment better living place. So, consume a little less, plant more trees and stop taking the planet for granted do your part to save the earth.

5. Spread knowledge, teach as much as you can: Knowledge is a gift share as much as can. It’s a very common saying that if you have wisdom, don’t keep it to yourself; share it with someone that couldn’t benefit from it. For teaching purpose you don’t need to be a teacher in a school, you can teach your grandfather how to send an e-mail, teach a sport to the kids in your neighborhood and so on. And if you are really dedicated, then volunteer to teach some underprivileged children.

6. To disseminate handy crafts: Yes, handmade gifts or other items are easy in the pocket and this is the easy way to show your talent to the world. making things by yourself is a great idea and of course, takes less money. Learn some DIY (do it yourself) ideas and make things for you, your friends and family and make them happy.

7. Take out some time for your lonely folks: Yes, people who are lonely in their lives need you more than you know. We all have experienced loneliness in our lives at some point or the other and we know how does it feel to be alone. So, if any of your friend or family member is lonely spend some quality time with them and make them feel better and make them feel positive towards their lives.

8. Talk to your parents more often: Do I really need to explain, why?

9. Be active and volunteer for something noble: Get up and volunteer for something, yes it is much easier than you think it to be. There are so many organizations around us that do a lot of things to help the poor, take initiative and be a part of such organization and try to help the poor as much as you can.

10. Spread Happiness: Spreading happiness wherever you go, who so ever you meet and whenever you go. Make people happy. Be nice to everyone. Doing good to others is your job so do it wisely. It is very easy ti criticize someone but it takes a lot to praise someone. So, start praising others and make

We all need to take a small step towards our society to make it a better place to live in and of course for our future generation too.

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