Bengaluru Is The World’s Most Dynamic City

Bengaluru fastest growing city
Bengaluru fastest growing city

Do you know which city of India is ranked as a dynamic city ?? Well, according to the independent property consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), the pleasant news is Bengaluru is regarded and ranked as the most dynamic city not only within India but all around the world and that too ahead of ahead of Boston and Silicon Valley in the US.

Bengaluru world's Dynamic city
Bengaluru world’s Dynamic city

As per the Janaagraha’s Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS) in the year 2015 21 largest cities in India were covered in the survey and Bengaluru ranked 12th among all these cities. Bangalore was determined on the basis of four elements of city systems that how is the quality of life of its citizens and to determine the ability of the government in delivering various services and facilities. Let’s discuss these four components:

  • Urban capacities and resources
  • Urban planning and design
  • Transparency, accountability, and participation.
  • Empowered and legitimate political representation


JLL research director Jeremy Kelly said that the (City Momentum Index) CMI is not to determine of the best cities of India to invest in but to find out the highlight and change in cities or metropolitan areas may be best at positioning or to stand out themselves to compete in today’s ever-changing world economic. 30 cities are featuring in the list which also includes, five other cities of India that include Hyderabad at 5th rank, Pune at 13th rank, Chennai at 18th, Delhi at 23rd rank and Mumbai at 25th rank. China has also five cities in the list and the interesting thing is that India has taken over from China as world’s most dynamic cities.


So, it’s a matter of honour and privilege fo the nation that Bangluru, the smart city of our country is world’s most dynamic city. Hope this post have provided you valuable information. Thanks for reading, keep reading, keep motivating!!

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