Common English Words And Their Literal Funny Meanings

Misused words
Misused words

There are so many words in the English language that we use in our daily lives, which has different or say opposite meaning of the actual word. It’s not surprising that the definitions for some of them are gotten mixed up over the years. Words are being misused or wrongly used mostly by the new generation people, the youth of the nation. It is possible that even you were also using these words without knowing their actual meanings. Some of the words actually mean very hilarious and we do not even realize that while using them. So, here we present you a list of such few words that are being wrongly used by the people.

Let’s Hang out together: we generally use this sentence to ask someone to come with us and hang around. Isn’t it? But have you ever think that what this sentence actually means? Let’s hang out together, like really? If I am not wrong then are you trying to say that let’s hang out like ” Chalo latke”. As hanging means hanging yourself with a rope and fly in the air.

Oh Shit: we do use this word very often and we don’t care about its actual meaning. Because “shit” means … You know what I am talking about. right? Yeah, I am talking about the waste of our body.

Oh, fuck: we usually get to hear this word “oh fuck man” this word has gained a lot of popularity in some time. but fuck is very obscene English language word, which is very offensive too. This word refers to the act of sexual intercourse. but nowadays people use this word to show passion, aggression, insult, fear, and if I am not wrong then, this word is being used to express every possible feeling in today’s world.

Sucks: In the English language, this word also refers to sexual activity. but this word is equally popular and common in our society and people do use this word to show their anger and aggression towards something.

What’s up?: This must be a common word which we are using every now and then to ask our friends that how they are doing. But have you ever thought that what does this word actually means? Well, this means what is there at the top? isn’t it? Youngsters don’t bother about the meaning of the word they just follow the crowd blindly and think they are looking cool.

Oh Fish: Now what a fish has to do with your feelings man? Yes, this is also very common used word that has really a weird meaning like we are talking to a fish saying, ‘oh fish how are you?’

What the hell: Like if people are really upset then they use this sentence to show their anger by saying “what the hell man” like seriously? is it really a meaningful sentence that we all might be using? well, we all need to think about the sentences we are using in our daily lives.

Bullshit: Another very common word is bullshit, this is also a substitute for showing your anger. Come on, how can a bull’s shit show your anger?

Holy shit: Another Vulgar slang in English language, used as an expression of terror, surprise etc. I don’t understand how a shit can express your feelings man? Stop using such words.
Now you must think that from how long you have been using this word incorrectly? How many angry social site user have ruined your grammar? While I can’t give you an answer to those questions, I can at least tell you about these words so that you should know what exactly you are talking and what actually you may want to say.

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