How Many Of You Are Aware Of The Magical Feng Fu Point In Your Body?

Feng Fu point
Feng Fu point

There are some secret points in our body which can help us fight against pains or infections. If you know the secret to treat these points then you will realize how effective they are for our body. One such point is known as ‘Feng Fu point’ which is located at the back of your neck just below the ending of the skull. It’s the point which connects our skull with the backbone. To find your Feng Fu point, you need to lie down on your stomach and put your finger at the back of the neck then search for the point where skulls meet the backbone, between the two muscles of the neck.

Finding your Feng Fu point
Finding your Feng Fu point

To perform this, you have to rub ice on the Feng Fu Point for 20 minutes daily. People who have tried this have shown some surprising results. So if you want to know how a piece of ice can help you fight pains and cures different body problems, then here is a list of things which it can cure or improve. The technique derived its name from China where it is an acupuncture activity.

Feng Fu Point helps in curing and improving number of things like

  • Joint pain improvement
  • Digestion improvement
  • Sleep improvement
  • Helps in curing thyroid disorders
  • A better cardiovascular system with improvement in breathing
  • Helps to fight against common cold
  • Cure headaches and toothaches very efficiently and quickly
  • Enhances mood and can help you feel euphoric as well
  • Fight depression or stress
  • Both malnutrition and obesity can be improved with this
  • Improvement of respiratory system
  • Cure against disturbed menstrual cycle
  • Can also help with impotency or infertility
  • Cure Cellulite
  • Fight against Blood Pressure or Hypertension
  • Cure sexually transmitted infections
  • Fight Asthma
  • Improve spinal problems
Ice cubes can do wonders
Ice cubes can do wonders

As you can see, there are so many things that you can fight out just by trying this one easy technique. In case you do not feel the results with 1-2 weeks then there is a possibility that you are not performing the technique in the right way. Make the required changes in order to achieve the required results. The technique has been verified by doctors around the world. Things mentioned in the list above are quite common and every other person might be facing one or the other. So you should definitely try this method to fight yours or improve certain systems in your body for smooth functioning. Remember this is not only for the cure, you should perform this technique every day.

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