E-Facility By Income Tax Department To Link Your PAN With Aadhaar

Link your PAN Number with your Aadhaar
Link your PAN Number with your Aadhaar

The Indian Income Tax Department is now going digital. The Income Tax department has launched an e-facility to link your Aadhar Card Number with your Permanent Account Number i.e. with your PAN Card Number. From the beginning of the month July, it is being mandatory for the citizens of India to link their Aadhar Card Number with their PAN Card  Number in order to fill the income tax. From the official website of the Income Tax Department of India i.e. www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

The official press release by the department includes that ” The Income Tax Department has made it easy for taxpayers to link their PAN with Aadhaar. Just click the link provided on the website. Provide PAN Number and Aadhaar Number and ENTER NAME EXACTLY AS GIVEN IN AADHAAR CARD (avoid spelling mistakes) and submit. After verification from UIDAI, the linking will be confirmed by the department. In the case of any minor mismatch in the Aadhaar name provided, Aadhaar OTP (One Time Password) will be required. It is also requested that please ensure that the date of birth and gender in PAN and Aadhaar are exactly same. There is no need to login or to be registered on E-filing website. This facility can be used by anyone to link their Aadhaar with PAN.”

Press Release
The Official Press Release by the Income Tax Department

This step by the government of India is being taken in order to keep a check on the fraudulent activities and also to make it easy for the taxpayers to link their PAN Card Number with your Aadhaar Card Number so that no such illegal activity can take place. The process to link your PAN card number with your Aadhar Card number is very simple. It just takes three simple steps. It has been made a mandatory step to link your PAN card details with your Aadhaar Card Number in order to file the Income Tax Return.

The Incom eTax Department’s e-filing website has created a new link on the homepage of their website so that people can link their PAN Card Number with their Aadhaar Card Number easily without any problem. This is how the homepage of the official website of the Income Tax Department would look like. You just have to go to the link which is encircled.

This is How You can link your PAN Card with your Aadhaar Card:

  1. First, go to the official link of the Income Tax Department i.e. www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and click on the link provided at the left side of the homepage (encircled in the image) which states ‘Link Aadhaar’.
Homepage of the official website of the Income Tax Department

2. Now, when you will click on the link Aadhaar option another window will be opened, where you need to fill your details such as:

  • PAN Number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Name as per Aadhaar
  • Captcha Code (The alphanumeric code written in the rectangle box)
  • Then click on the ‘Link Adhaar’ button

Before filling up the details just make sure you do not make any mistake and fill your PAN number and Aadhaar number carefully while applying. Also, before clicking on the ‘Link Adhaar’ button just make sure you have filled the correct details. Cross check your details.

step two
This is how the next window will appear to you

3. Once you have filled all the correct information then filled information will be verified from UIDAI, and once the verification is done and the UIDAI will confirm your details then a message will appear i.e. “Aadhaar-PAN linking is completed successfully.”

A final message will appear that your Aadhaar-PAN linking is completed successfully

The department has made it clear that one has not to register oneself on E-filing website. One can easily use this facility to link their Aadhaar with PAN Number. Taxpayers are requested to use this simplified process to link their PAN Card with Aadhaar Number. If you do so then it will be really useful for the E-Verification of Income Tax return using OTP sent to their mobile registered with Aadhaa

So, folks link your PAN Number with your Aadhaar in order to file your income tax and be a responsible citizen. For information on the buzz around the nation and world keep connected to www.insiderindian.com and folk don’t forget to like share and comment. We would love to hear from you.






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