Lesser Known Heros On The List Of Padma Shri Awards

    The Padma Shri Award
    The Padma Shri Award

    The Padma Shri is nation’s fourth highest civilian award, announced every year on Republic Day. This year The Padma Shri awards celebrated the ‘Anonymous Hero’ among them a weaver, doctor, a 76-years-old martial art expert, civic workers and environmentalists were included. Over the years, these silent workers have fortified India in many aspects- from building bridges to cleaning up clogged rivers at one-tenth the time and cost, saving thousands of people from trafficking or road accidents and from fire too.

    In the list of Padma Shri apart from these unknown or lesser known personalities other who were there on the list are from sports like Cricket captain Virat Kohli, Hockey captain PR Shreejesh and Olympians Dipa Karmakar and Sakshi Malik. Paralympian gold medalist Mariappan Thangavelu is also there among the awardees. Here we present to you a quick look at these unacknowledged heroes and Padma Shri awardees:

    1. Telangana’s Daripalli Ramaih: He is also known as ‘Tree Man’. 68 years of age an old man has dedicated his entire life to a mission of layering the nation in green. He has planted more than one crores trees so far and he still aims not to stop. And this is the reason why he is named as Chetla Ramaih in his own district Khammam in Telangana and Chetla means tree. Ramaish carries seeds in his pocket all the time and whenever he sees a barren land he stops there and plants the tree there. His wife named Janamma, also helped him in this good deeds.

    Daripalli "Tree Man"
    Daripalli “Tree Man”

    2. Kerala’s Meenakshi Amma: A granny with a sword in her hands, Arguably India’s oldest proponent of Kalaripayattu. Meenakshi Amma has dedicated more than 68 years of her life to this sport of martial arts. Meenakshi Amma teaches this art to more than 150 students at Kadathanadan Kalari Sangam school in Kozhikode’s Vatakara. People calls her Meenakshi Gurukkal with love and she is 76-years of age and still performs the martial arts impressively. She learned this art from her father at a very tender age. Since then she never looked back and she is till spreading this beautiful art.

    Meenakshi Amma showing her martial art moves
    Meenakshi Amma showing her martial art moves

    3. Maharashtra’s Late Dr. Mapuskar: He was also known as “Swacchta Doot”. Dr. Mapuskar was from Pune and he was a sanitation forefront, who had dedicated himself completely to Swacch Bharat mission almost 50 years ago. His first job was in his own native place village called Dehu and at that time that had no toilets. So, he planned and shovel a simple pit out of used medicine cartons. In the late 1960’s he somehow convinced the villagers to built toilets in order to keep the area clean and the entire village had moved from excretion to built up their own toilets in the year 2004.

    Dr. Mapuskar
    Dr. Mapuskar

    4. Kolkata’s Bipin Ganatra: Also called as Agni Rakshak. He has the reputation of the most daredevil firefighter in the state. he is not a worker of fire department instead he works as volunteer firefighter even at the age of 59. He reaches at every fire accident spot by himself as soon as he gets the information and at his own risk, he saves people trapped in the fire. The reason behind his this daredevil act is that he had lost his brother in a fire accident and then decided to devote his life to save people from fire accidents.

    Bipin Ganatra " Dare devil"
    Bipin Ganatra ” Daredevil Fire Fighter”

    5. Gujarat’s Dr.Subroto Das: He is known as Highway Maseeha. Doctors have respect somewhere near to god as they save lives and this what this 51 years old doctor is doing and proving his humanity by providing immediate first-aid to or medical help to the road accident victims on India’s Highways. This thought of helping other comes to his mind when he himself once met with an accident and then he realizes that the immediate medical attention is very important for the road accident victims. Therefore he started his Lifeline Foundation in Gujarat of immediate medical attention for accident victims on the highways. His foundation has now spread over 4000 km of highways stretch across Maharashtra, Kerala, Rajasthan and West Bengal. His team reaches the spot withing 40 minutes and till date, he has saved more than 1200 lives.

    Dr. Subroto Das "Highway Maseeha"
    Dr. Subroto Das “Highway Maseeha”

    6. West Bengal’s Karimul Haque: He is well-known with the name of “Ambulance Dada” He is 52-year-old and he has saved more than 3000 lives by providing them transportation to the hospital and sometimes he provides the first-aid too. He works as a tea garden worker. He has converted his bike into an ambulance offering 24*7 service in Jalpaiguri’s Dhalabari village. This thought of saving lives comes to his mind when he lost his mother due to lack of transportation to the hospital. That incident made him so upset that he stood for other and swear that he would let anyone die just because of the lack of transportation. Since then he has devoted his entire life to this noble cause of saving others lives.

    Karimul Haque "Ambulance Dada"
    Karimul Haque “Ambulance Dada”

    7. Karnataka’s Shekhar Naik: Shekhar Nair is the captain of Indian Blind Cricket Team, who led the country to the victory of its first T20 World Cup in 2012and ODI World Cup in 2014. He has a record of 32 centuries in 13 years. He is an all-rounder and he had played a total of 63 matches in all the formats. He lost his parents when he was just 12 years old.

    Karnataka's Shekhar Naik
    Karnataka’s Shekhar Naik

    8. Telangana’s Chintakindi Mallesham: Son’s devotion towards his mother can be clearly seen by the act which this man is doing by revolutionizing the weaving industry in the late 90s. A 44years of age a school dropout inventor of Laxmi ASU machines, which has remarkable cut down the time, saving weavers monotonous labor required to weave Pochampalli Silk Sarees. His invention has saved a lot of time and a woman can weave six sarees in a day instead of two sarees. By the time he has been adding new things to the machine to improve its rate of weaving, functionality, and flexibility of design.

    Telangana's Chintakindi Mallesham
    Telangana’s Chintakindi Mallesham

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