How Safe Women Are In India? Let’s Find Out

    Child sexual abuse

    India, a nation whose role model was Mahatma Gandhi man of principals and honesty has now become so unbelievably violent and corrupt nation where women are not safe anymore not even within their bodies. Sexual violence against women continues to rise in the country including minors. Sometimes help to such a victim occurs from most absurd sources and extreme courage.

    The distinguished presence of mind by a ten-year-old girl helped to deter sexual assault on her six-year-old sister by a 54-year-old neighbor in Pimpri on Thursday. Attracting the six-year-old with chocolates, the man took the little girl to his house. Elder sister of the little girl who is herself only of ten-year-old raised the alarm when the man tried to assault her sister.

    Based on the complaint filed by the victim’s mother, the Pimpri police arrested the culprit, who is identified as Yashodharan Gopal. Gopal is basically from Kerala but he is currently living in Pimpri, close to victim’s residence. The Pimpri police had arrested him under Section 354 of Indian Penal Code for molestation as well as relevant Sections of the protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act. All the episode occurred on January 26 when both of the sisters were playing in the front of their house.

    Child abuse In India has increased conisderably
    Child abuse In India has increased considerably

    The investigating officer of the case Sub-Inspector Ratna Sawant of Pimpri police station told one of the leading local newspapers of Pimpri Pune Mirror that since it was Republic Day, all the children came early back from the school. Their parents were not at home at the time of the incident and both the sisters were playing in front of the house when Gopal came to the spot and he offered chocolate to the younger sister who is only six-years-old and then he asked her to come with him to his place.

    When he was taking the little girl to his house the elder sister who is ten-years-old started following them. She saw that Gopal was taking her younger sister to his home and after going inside he locked the door from inside, getting suspicious, the elder sister went near to the window of the house and tried to look through the window of the house. As soon as she saw that her sister is pinned down under Gopal she raised an alarm, Gopal let the victim go. She ran out of the house, added Sawant the investigating officer of the case.

    The elder sister took her sister back to their home from Gopal’s home and waited for their parents return. The same night when parents came back to home the six-year-old girl narrated the entire story to the parents. Initially, their mother scolded the little girl for going to Gopal’s place but later, she understood the gravity of the situation. Then their parents decided to go to the police and on Friday morning they went to the police station to file a complaint against Gopal, said Swant.

    Stop Child Abuse
    Stop Child Abuse

    After the case was registered the police team reached the area, and they found Gopal at his place. He was completely intoxicated and was not in his senses at all. The police team nabbed him and brought him to the police station. Investigating officer Ratna Sawant concluded by saying that according to the statement given a six-year-old girl about what happened that day, they arrested Gopal.

    Rape, child abuse, sexual assault, gender bias-ness all are making India very unsafe for women to live in. Rape of women, young girls and even minors in India has increased considerably especially in recent years. Women are not safe anywhere not on the streets, their workplaces, their cities, not even in their own homes. The higher concerned authorities need to take big steps in order to stop this cruelty against women in India.


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