Being A Good Potato Has Never Been This Good Before

    Potatoes are the first eatable to have grown on Mars. Well, Fictionally
    Potatoes are the first eatable to have grown on Mars. Well, Fictionally

    Potatoes have been around since forever and guess what, everybody loves them mushy, creamy, crunchy and what not form of the vegetable. It’s the patty in the burger, fries in McDonald, smilies for McCains and happiness for vegetarians. Potatoes are as old as anything, its origin can be traced way back to 5000-8000 BC. It is speculated that potatoes, too, evolved from a poisonous plant nightshade, the same plant that is responsible for bringing Tomatoes and Bell Peppers. In 1535-1540, the flavors of potatoes were discovered and taken to Europe and later on, it spread to Ireland and so on.

    Who knew that potatoes would become the third largest produced and globally most consumed vegetable. Rich in carbs, Potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, this veggie is widely appreciated and craved. Let us find out what makes potato so good and are they any healthy for us?

    High Source of vitamin C, B1, B3 and B6, minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium and proteins, these potatoes were always good until researchers in the modern era scared the shit outta people for high carbohydrates amount in them. Even the skin of the potato is enriched with high fibers. Is there any more reason not to have potatoes?

    Potatoes are good source of Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins
    Potatoes are good source of Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins

    No doubt, the low carb intakers have given potatoes a bad reputation. Honestly, we can’t even imagine this world without potato. Not liking them is a mutiny, a treason to mankind and an insult to evolution and human existence itself. Those hating potatoes are all the wrongs happened to evolution.

    For all the haters, FYI, potatoes have potassium, a brilliant agent to maintain blood pressure. Famous for potassium, a Banana provides less than half amount of that particular mineral when compared to a potato. The anti oxidants found in them are way more than compared to many other naturally produced eatables. It prevents cancer cells to communicate and spread further (according to a study). It is healthier than it is assumed.

    Potatoes are healthier than assumed
    Potatoes are healthier than assumed

    Makes your bones strong. Several studies found out that a mineral known as manganese helps in making bones strong and a single potato provides more than 20% of daily needed manganese. Healthy bones play a vital role as you progress further in age. It sucks to have constant pains in bone in the age of 35-40, most people falling under that age group consider themselves to be young (Who are we to judge?) and it’s not ideal to have your body aching constantly in your “youth.”

    Google the percentage of Vitamin B6 found in potato and it will come out to be around 0.54mg per 173 grams. This vitamin alone is responsible for over a hundred enzymic reactions in the body, it helps you produce more red blood cells, production of amines, a messenger molecule in the brain, by maintaining blood pressure it controls cardiovascular health, keeping heart-related sickness in check. What else reason one needs to grow fond of potato apart from it tastes awesome with pretty much everything.

    Potatoes Keep You safe And Healthy
    Potatoes Keep You Safe And Healthy

    Well, you know now why potatoes are awesome and those who still hate it, what are you even doing with your pointless lives, it makes no sense in living. While this vegetable has so good to it, there are myths related fattening upon consumption of the taters. It is time we debunk them myths and bring a unanimity among believers.

    The most common myth spread among people is potatoes make you fat. Very highly unlikely, potatoes do not exactly make you fat, it only contains 161 calories per 100 grams. Now coming to the fattening part, it all varies upon the style of cooking and what you use. Like if you’re preparing a meal based on potatoes, however, adding cheese and lots of oil to it, you will get fat and that’s not because of potato. A simple medium sized baked tater will never put weight on you and these aren’t statements based on false exaggeration but clinical research has proved it.

    Potatoes don't make you fat
    Potatoes don’t make you fat

    Many people still believe that when peeled, a potato loses all its nutrients and what remains is only neutral flesh. That is another myth spread widely which is completely false. The skin of potato contains only fiber and loses fiber only when stripped. The vitamins, minerals and proteins stay inside along with 1 gram of fiber without losing its properties. So, if you don’t like skin, feel free to peel without worrying about losing any good agents inside.

    For long and still, potatoes are viewed as a source of plain/empty calories with only a few nutrients. Hell no! We have mentioned earlier what a great source of nutrients potato is. The false accusation to potato was made due to starch and although starch doesn’t do much, ignoring those potassium, fiber and protein and vitamin would be simply stupid.

    Uncovering the truth about potatoes
    Uncovering the truth about potatoes

    Now, to the trending potato memes. Suddenly, the social media got flooded with potato memes, not sure what it actually meant but various people had theories related reference of potato for being dumb or retarded (not medically but stupidity). People loved potatoes meme, more so, people loved mocking others on social platforms using potato memes. The meme is speculated to be generated from the movie The Ringer followed by the very first meme, ‘ I can count to potato’.

    On a greater note, remember what we mentioned earlier? Potatoes are good, very good. So, the next time someone calls you potato, don’t forget to thank them for you are good.

    Don'be a Potato, Be a Potato
    Don’be a Potato, Be a Potato

    If not much, this article would have cleared your thoughts on potato and why are they good along and also busted some common widespread myths about the globally loved taters. Go on now, enjoy your potatoes, may it be baked, in form of pies or french fries and don’t let misleading information get you. Till then, Potato!

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