8 Tips To Stop Yourself From Getting Angry

    Angry person
    Angry person

    Are you unable to control your anger? Uncontrolled anger will ruin not only your physical and mental health but also relationships. Excessive or chronic anger results in various health issues such as high blood pressure, depression, and improper functioning of lungs. It is also found in a study that angry people are more prone to heart disease as compared to other people. Anger also causes cortisol, a stress hormone to release, which in turn, leads to various skin problems like acne. Thus controlling anger is necessary to live a healthy life. Here are some anger management tips that will help you in staying cool during adverse situations.

    Tips that will stop you from getting angry
    Tips that will stop you from getting angry

    1. Move it out:-

    It is the first and foremost step that you should do to overcome anger. If you will not release your anger, then it will kill you from inside. Thus you should move it out in the form of dancing, jumping, or kickboxing but makes sure that you do not break anything or harm anyone while doing these activities. You can also scream if nobody is around you as it will also assist you in getting relaxed.

    2. Understand the cause of anger:-

    You should take a break and analyze the whole situation carefully. Figuring out the factors that make you angry is also an important step to minimize anger. You can also write all those factors on a piece of paper. Once you have identified them, try to circumvent them or find some possible solutions to solve them. If you are unable to get a suitable solution, then you can also discuss your problem with trustworthy friends or any family member.

    3. Yoga:-

    It is one of the best ways to reduce anger. When you will focus on deep breathing, it will channelise the energies within you, thus carrying out positive changes in the body. The best asana for handling anger is Savasana. For this, you have to lie down on the floor, with legs and arms relaxed. The feet should be open and palms must be faced upwards. After that, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. If you will practice this asana daily for few minutes, then it will prove effective in controlling your emotions.

    4. Recalling happy moments:-

    Recalling cheerful moments of your life will also calm down. It could be your childhood or college memories with your friends, siblings or family members. You can also think of any place that offers peace or makes you feel at home. Keep visualizing unless you feel relax. You can also imagine of a land having beautiful flowers and mountains.

    5. Physical activity:-

    The hormones called endorphins released during exercise will also calm down you and removes all the negative thoughts from your mind. The basic exercises like stretching or jogging will also make you feel better. You can do swimming also as the sound of water falling will assist in bringing inner peace. Walking and spending time with your friends is also a great way to eliminate anger. If you prefer the gym, then do exercises without straining yourself.

    6. Get enough sleep:-

    Sleep deprivation can also lead to several health issues including the inability to control emotions in a proper manner. If you will get an adequate amount of sleep, then it will decrease your anger and improve your mood. Thus you should sleep at least for 7-8 hours per day. If you have chronic sleep problems then you need to change your lifestyle or consult a physician.

    7. Try to laugh:-

    Laughing is one of the quickest ways to let out the feeling of anger. You might have remembered the scene of the Bollywood film Munna Bhai M.B.B.S, in which actor Boman Irani(Dr. J. Asthana) utilizes laughter therapy to control his anger. This therapy actually works in managing emotions. We know that laughing at situations, which make you angry is difficult but you should try to do that. If possible, you should join laughter club so that you can forget your worries for some time and have fun.

    8. Practice art of forgiveness:-

    It is also a great way to get rid of anger. You should try to forgive that person who has hurt you as it will give you peace of mind. If you want, you can also read some positive quotes either online or from books because it will also encourage you for practicing the art of forgiveness. Forgiving people for their wrong deeds will make your mind, as well as soul, relaxed throughout your life.

    In addition to this, you can also count up to 10 before expressing anger as counting will also stop you from getting so much angry. We hope that all these tips will help you in controlling your anger and living a peaceful and healthy life. If you found the article interesting and useful, then please like and share. Keep reading, keep surfing. You can also visit our website to read similar articles.


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