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All Arjun Rampal’s Fan surely waited a long to see him in the movie. Well, the wait is over as his upcoming movie Daddy is going to be release soon and the trailer of the much-awaited movie is out. The actor is back with the role that he has never done before. The actor Arjun Rampal who is well known to play the ruthless and cunning politician role in ‘Rajneeti’ is back with more and more interesting character in ‘Daddy’. The movie ‘Daddy’ is based on a true story of a gangster who turned into a politician, Arun Gawli, the story of the movie is about three friends who form a  gang after the lockdown of textiles mills in Mumbai in the year 1970. These are the workers who stay in Dagdi Chawl join hands with the underworld. The named their gang and call themselves as a B.R.A as it is an abbreviation of their names in the movie i:e Babu, Rama and Arun.

Arjun Rampal As A Arun Gawli
Arjun Rampal As Arun Gawli

In the interview when Arjun Rampal was asked about the movie, he said, “’Daddy’ is not an image-building exercise and steers clear of glorifying anything that is undesirable”. And the trailer of the movie proves that.

The handsome ‘Daddy’ is going to be seen in the signature Maharashtra attire with the perfect Marathi accent. While watching the trailer don’t miss his crisp dialogues complete with his body language that gives the sneak peek into the life of mobster Arun Gawli.

Arjun Rampal shared the poster of Daddy a few days back, the poster shows his mug-shot as he looked just like a mafia don  Arun Gawli. His look is intense in the poster long tresses and a beard, Arjun is just looking like a real Don. The movie ‘Daddy’ gives an insight into the Mumbai underworld and traces Arun Gawli’s journey from his rise as India’s most feared gangsters to eventually becoming a politician.

Poster Of 'Daddy'
Poster Of ‘Daddy’

The movie ‘Daddy’ has been written and directed by Ashim Ahluwalia. The politician crime drama will mark Ashim’s foray into the mainstream cinema as after his feature-length documentary which is titled as John and Jane and Miss Lovely, both the documentaries got National Awards. The movie ‘Daddy’ also stars actor Farhan Akhtar, Aishwarya Rajesh and Mir Sarwar along with Arjun Rampal.

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