This Is What Priyanka Said After Her Visit To Zimbabwe For UNICEF

Priyanka chopra return from her visit to zimbabwe (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund)
Priyanka chopra return from her visit to zimbabwe (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund)

Priyanka Chopra is a brand ambassador for UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) from last year December for the protection of child victims of sexual abuse and to spread the awareness about the underage sex which leads to HIV or unwanted teen pregnancy. Recently, Pee Cee visited Zimbabwe and there she met child survivors of violence and listened to their frightening stories.

Pee Cee with her UNICEF team
Pee Cee with her UNICEF team

While she was on her trip for the safety of child from the sexual abuse she stated, “No woman, and most definitely no child, should ever have to experience sexual violence especially from someone they trust for protection, such as a family member.” In conjunction to this, the first stop of the actress was Chitungwiza in the south of Harare, Zimbabwe.

In Chitungwiza, she met with the teenager girl whose age was just 13 years. This girl was raped several times by her uncle and warned the little girl and the girl became pregnant. In addition to this, this incident brought to the notice of police by her mother and neighbors and now the person who physically exploited the 13-year-old girl was arrested and he was given punishment of imprisonment for 10 years.

It is evident that Priyanka Chopra said, “As a society, it is on us to provide and take care of our children as citizens of the world, to educate children at a young age that it’s not OK to be inappropriately touched and that under-age sex can lead to unwanted teen pregnancy or HIV.”

Priyanka chopra with a child at UNICEF
Priyanka Chopra with a child at UNICEF

Priyanka 34, also visited ‘Childline Zimbabwe’, the 24-hour service in this country for children who have been exploited or violated, and abused. Apart from providing confidential, free, this childline also provides the multilingual counseling to children below the age of 18 years, and also offers 25 community-based drops in centres across the Zimbabwe.

Pee Cee said, “I was astonished by the number of calls that were coming in during the brief time I was there,” she said. “The counselors, all volunteers, told me that many calls come from children in hysterics because they had been raped or abused. They were so scared.” She further described that the model of ‘Childline’ must be recorded by those countries with high rates of exploitation or abuse against children “because it is a safe place for children to turn to and know that their call will be answered by a compassionate person who will take their complaints seriously and respond.”

As per the latest available data by the UNICEF, in Zimbabwe, the sexual violence of children is nearly one in 10 girls aged between 15-17 years have been victims of forced sexual intercourse. Shockingly, around two-third of the victims are raped by an intimate partner and one-tenth of the victims abused by the stranger. The thing of most concern is the children are being abused by the adults to whom child already knew and trusted.

As per UNICEF, most of the time child abused got unnoticed or avoided intentionally,”mostly invisible” and because of which there are no case or documentation against the culprit, because of fear of “getting into trouble”   this is the reason children not reporting the sexual violence against them.

It is pertinent to note that while talking to media about stories in the Hindi Cinema, Priyanka Chopra said, “I’m amazed by the variety of stories that filmmakers are conceptualizing today… The audiences are changing and so is the storytelling. It’s quite an experience reading the scripts or hearing a narration.”

Priyanka Chopra at the Oscar Award ceremony
Priyanka Chopra at the Oscar Award ceremony

Priyanka said I take my social responsibility seriously. It is evident that Priyanka Chopra always spare time from her hectic schedule for social issues, and Pee Cee likes to render her social responsibility as a human being. When Priyanka was asked if she ever feels her work or social responsibility as burdened she responded, “Not at all.” The actress further quoted, “It’s what I have chosen to do and every one of them is something I am passionate about. Using my time and influence to do good is a human being’s social responsibility and I take mine seriously.”

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