“Spice Up Your Life! Go Vegetarian” Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone in new ad campaign with PETA
Sunny Leone in new ad campaign with PETA

Since the day Sunny Leone has entered Bollywood the hotness and the boldness in Bollywood has increased immensely. As we all know that Sunny Leone loves animals and to save them and to help them, she also joined a social organization PETA (People For Ethical Treatment of Animals). Another actor from Bollywood The stylish and handsome hunk of Bollywood John Abraham is also a part of PETA. He also gives his 100% to save the animals.

Sunny Leone has gone to the next level to save the animals and also to spread this message among the people of the nation to go vegetarian and stop killing animals. The title of the ad campaign for which Sunny shot is “Spice Up Your Life! Go Vegetarian”. Sunny is all set to make people understand the pain of animals. A poster has been released by PETA where Sunny is lying on the bed of hot red chilies, covering her hotness with a red silky ribbon-like cloth. It is really tough to decide what is really hot chilies or Sunny.

The World Environment Day is coming near (on 5th June) and just ahead of that a video has also been released in which Sunny is displaying her vegetarian diet. She is clearly explaining in the video that she doesn’t become vegetarian because she wanted to lose some weight but she became vegetarian because she doesn’t want any animal to be killed so that she can eat it. She praises the vegetarian diet in the video by telling the benefits of the vegetarian diet, that how a vegetarian person feels more energetic and more healthy than a person who eats non-vegetarian food.

She urged to become vegetarian like her because once you know that how these animals are being cut down for your meal you will change your mind and will surely become vegetarian. The title of the ad campaign for which Sunny shot is “Spice Up Your Life! Go Vegetarian”. When she asked about the ad campaign then she replied that “Animals suffering in the meat industry is probably one of the saddest things that I have ever seen. I have seen things I can’t erase from my mind which made me stop eating meat”.

She said in the video also that “I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy now, I’m eating a lot more vegetables and I feel actually really amazing” she adds. Before this ad campaign, she has done another ad campaign in which she was seen urging people to shelter homeless animals. The name of that campaign was ‘Birth Control! Dogs Need It Too’. Sterilize Your Dogs And Cats’ “I believe that every single dog should be spayed and neutered and spaying and neutering also keep them healthy. It prevents them from having different diseases that they can get if they are not” she adds.

Sunny Leone posing for the ad campaign Spice Up Your Life! Go Vegetarian

She herself stays active about rescuing any animal, as she rescues many dogs like she rescued a dog when he was eating garbage and other from a dog shelter itself. So, there are many cases when she rescued animals. Sunny says that “I believe in not buying but adopting dogs. And I will keep repeating that one should adopt dogs and Cats one million times until it gets into your mind. They just need our love and if you can rescue an animal then it will be the greatest gift you can give somebody.”

Her noble thinking and too very acts show that she is not only beautiful by face but she is much more beautiful from within. Last year, PETA India has also honored Sunny as the Person of The Year award in order to recognize her good deeds.

Well, this act of Sunny proves that she is the owner of a beautiful heart and tender soul. we really wish Sunny Leone’s this ad campaign and other such ad campaigns may touch people and can save somebody’s life. You guys stay tuned to Insiderindian.com and give your views on Sunny’s thoughtful act in the below comment section and if you like the stuff then please like and share. Keep Coming Back !!!



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