Ranveer Singh Bled After Watching Trailer Of Half Girlfriend

Ranveer Singh Bled After Watching Trailer Of Half Girlfriend
Ranveer Singh Bled After Watching Trailer Of Half Girlfriend

As we all know the trailer of Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s upcoming movie ‘Half Girlfriend’ is out, we saw Arjun Kapoor crying and pleading in front of actress Shraddha Kapoor to be more than his Half Girlfriend but Shraddha stayed in noncommittal terms with Arjun Kapoor in the movie. But one heart which got very emotional after watching the trailer of the movie ‘Half Girlfriend’ and watching Arjun Kapoor crying and pleading his girl was Ranveer Singh’s. The Bajirao Mastani actor Ranveer Singh bled after watching Arjun Kapoor in such a condition that he said, he is ready to be the other half, or better still he will be the better half. The beautiful actress Parineeti Chopra also jumped into the mix and said,  “Ill be the other half baba! Choose one – RV or me!!! @RanveerOfficial @arjunk26 ❤️❤️❤️.” Now, who will Arjun choose?

Ranveer Singh's Tweet
Ranveer Singh’s Tweet

But if we talk about Arjun and Ranveer they both have great on-screen chemistry in the movie Gunday or off-screen friendship, share a great relationship. In the past, both the actors were seen promoting each other’s movie. Arjun Kapoor was seen promoting Ranveer Kapoor’s movie ‘Befikre’ and now Ranveer has done something similar for the movie Half Girlfriend.

The two shared the Twitter chat after watching the Arjun Kapoor’s latest film Half Girlfriend trailer. Arjun who is playing the role of Bihari boy in the movie named Madhav Jha wants to be with Riya Somani whose character is played by actress Shraddha Kapoor but all she can give is becoming his half girlfriend. Ranveer Singh wrote on his Twitter account that, “तुझे रोता हुआ देख कर मुझे भी रोना आता है बाबा! She only wants to be ‘half’?! FINE! I will be the other half..the better half! तू बस रोना मत!”

And Arjun’s reply will really surprise you all. The actor said he is ready to ditch his half girlsfriend Shraddha Kapoor for his friend and brother Ranveer. Arjun replied by saying that, “More Madhav Jha Retweeted Ranveer Singh तु मेरा भाई है और वो मेरी जान…अपने भाई के लिए में अपनी जान भी दे सकता हूँ पगले !!! U are and will always be my full and final.” In reply to Parineeti Chopra, Arjun wrote that, “Meri hottie pari meri cutie pari meri beauty pari !!! U are chosen for my future and u know it !!!”

Arjun Kapoor's Tweet
Arjun Kapoor’s Tweet

After watching their tweets it seems like they three are very much connected to each other. Coming on the movie, the film Half Girlfriend is based on Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling book which is of the same name. And it is directed by the famous director of Aashiqui-2, Mohit Suri.  The movie revolves Madhav Jha who is in love with Delhi girl Riya Somani. The film is going to hit the silver screen on 19th of May this year.

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