“For me, it was all about making her feel comfortable”-Prince Narula

Prince And Yuvika's New Song 'Hello'
Prince And Yuvika's New Song 'Hello'

Ex Big Boss 9 contestants and rumoured couple Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary make their debut with the song which is titled as Hello. The couple is getting all the limelight these days. The song ‘Hello’ which is called as ‘Love Anthem’ for the young generation. The video for the pop song is set in Georgia and it is the kickstart for the Prince’s musical career (sometimes he claims he will devote all his focus towards). At the same time, if we talk about Yuvika Choudhary his girlfriend, she considers herself to be more of a  tyro, by calling herself bathroom singer.

"For me, it was all about making her feel comfortable"-Prince Narula
“For me, it was all about making her feel comfortable”-Prince Narula

The music video of the number has been launched on MTV Beats and the track has been sung by the both Prince and Yuvika on the tunes of music director Piyush Shankar. The track of the song has been penned by Rav Hanjra and Anish Kumar. The video song will definitely attract you all.

Actress Yuvika Choudhary was very nervous about the whole endeavour as she did not see herself as a singer. The actress said that “When Prince asked me to sing, I thought he was joking. I was not confident initially about singing and I still cannot believe it is my voice that we hear in the song. I don’t know about branding, but I do feel happy when friends tell us we have done a good job as singers”. At the same time, the Big Boss 9 winner, Prince said he always loved crooning.

In the recent interview, Prince who shows so much of love towards actress Yuvika said that “I have been singing since I was a kid. We wrote this peppy song and were looking for a female voice to accompany me. Yuvika happened to be in the studio and she hummed a few lines. We realised her voice was an absolute fit”. Prince Narula got all the fame by winning so many reality shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla and Big Boss 9. Later, he admits that adding a female portion in the song partially because he could sing with Yuvika.

Also, the actress said, “On my part, I was shy about singing, I am only a bathroom singer,” she said. “In fact, Prince and the song’s creative team are so good I was embarrassed singing before them”. And the actor replied to that,  “For me, it was all about making her feel comfortable singing with me,” Prince said, adding he is serious about a full-time music career. “I might look at Punjabi films later, and then Bollywood if it happens.” For now, it’s only music”.

Prince is currently busy doing the Roadies show. He also talked about his love affair with the actress Yuvika Choudhary by saying that, “I’ve been dating her in my head for a long time. I added the female portion to this song so she could sing it with me. I’ve loved her since Bigg Boss and initially thought it was one-sided till she explained that she needs time. I’ve told her that whenever she is ready, we’ll take the relationship forward.”

Also, he said that the song has been shot in Georgia and according to him, the song is basically based on his own cute love story with the actress Yuvika. In the interview with the media, the actress said, “I won’t deny that we enjoy each other’s company. He’s always been true about his feelings and is a genuinely nice guy. But any girl will take some time to think about it before committing”.

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