After Being Human Clothing, Smartphones, Now Its Being Human E-Bicycle

Salman Khan is launching e-bicycle under Being Human brand
Salman Khan is launching e-bicycle under Being Human brand

Our Bajrangi Bhaijaan Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has launched a new range of electric bicycle under his Being Human Foundation. Initially, Salman has started his Being Human store for clothing but then adds the smartphone range in it and now its the turn for the bicycle, no e-Bicycle. The starting price for these cycles are 40,0000 and they go up to 57,000 for the top model. The important thing about these cycles is that they can be ridden with the help of the onboard battery pack, a riding mode which can be initiated with the flick of a switch.

These bicycles do not need any kind of license to ride them. The main target audience of this bicycle range is not specific anybody can ride this cycle and the cycle is a bit in the side greenery and that is the reason that this bicycle is launched on the World Environment Day i.e. on June 5.

Salman has launched the all new range of Being Human e-Bicycle

The bicycle uses a battery pack, which triggers the momentum system of the bicycle with the switch button. This feature in the cycle will be decreasing the manual efforts that rides go through while climbing steep inclines.

Talking to the media at the launch of the bicycle, Salman Khan said that “I have enjoyed cycling. But people often drop the idea of using cycles when they have to travel long distance because of the effort involved. With the pedal assist and rechargeable motor support, Being Human E-Cycle make it easy and practical to cycle across both urban and not-so-urban areas.”

These bicycles from Being Human house has been tested by the company for around one and a half years. The cycle offers a range of 30 km and the top-speed of the e-bike is almost around 25kmph.

Salman Khan unveils Being Human e-cycle on World Environment Day

The Managing Director and CEO of the Being Human E-Cycle have appointed, the former Suzuki Motorcycle India, Executive Vice President, Atul Gupta to lead the charge at Being Human. Salman Khan himself loves to ride a bicycle and this is the reason he and his team took so much of interest in making this project a success and they spent a lot effort on this project for several months before its commercial launch.

Salman Khan, founder of Being Human himself rode the bicycle to the launch venue in Mehboob Studio in Mumbai from his residence in Bandra. We know Salman’s love for his brand Being Human and we really wish Salman Khan many many congratulations for this thought and effort. You guys stay tuned to and if you like this post then do like share and comment in the section below. Keep Coming Back !!!

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